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Kim is amazing! I found her via Instagram and was impressed with her level of education she offered around her brow treatments, so decided to book my first lamination appointment on a whim. I was SO happy with my service. She was very professional and kind from start to finish. Her space is bright, airy, stylish and clean. She is such a talented business owner as well. And, I am in love with my brows!!! She did an incredible job. I will be continuing to book with Kim and highly recommend her.

Leah Kirpalani - Google Review

Kim was an Angel. First, she provided a detailed email and consent form that answers ALL your questions. Very lengthy but very important information. Micro blade is not for everyone so she makes sure you're a good candidate before accepting you as a client. She took her time and made sure I was comfortable while she worked on my brows. Her station was very cute and sanitary. I was VERY pleased with the results. My brows look very NATURAL and fuller and now I don't have to fill them in everyday. Thanks Kim!

Moana - Yelp Review

Kim micro bladed my brows. I was so nervous because I have never gotten any permanent makeup and I don’t really do anything to my brows and I don’t really wear makeup. But Kim made my eyebrows look AMAZING. Fluffy and natural, just how I like them. She made it really easy for me to trust her, and walked me through how she was mapping my brows and she outlined what to expect when they were healed. She also let me put a lot of insight into how I wanted my brows to look before she made any strokes with the blade itself. Also, I have a high pain tolerance but seriously after she does the first round of numbing, I can’t feel a thing. My first session I fell asleep a few times. Kim is amazing and I can’t wait to go back to her if I ever need a touch up.

Dominique Aulds - Google Review

I got my brows done by Kim and I am in LOVE. We decided my eyebrows would benefit best from microshading.I love how natural they came out and the color! It's a perfect fit. I'm 100% more CONFIDENT in my eyebrows and I love waking up and not having to put on any makeup whatsoever . Thank you so much Kim! I 100% trust Kim with my brows and recommend that everyone else get their brows beautifully done by Kim!!!

Alexa Patino - Google Review

Kim was absolutely amazing. She’s so professional, she maps your brows to what you want and really takes her time. I appreciate her attention to detail and talent to pick out the perfect shade. She’s seriously one of a kind and so worth checking out!!

Thank you so much for my brows Kim, I love them so so much ❤️

Bayley Saxon - Google Review

I highly recommend Brow Dime!!! Kim is amazing and I LOVE my results. I get so many compliments on my eyes now and I know it’s because of these beautiful frames! I feel put together even without makeup, and when I do wear makeup my whole look feels complete. It’s a miracle not ever having to fill in my brows, I am so happy!!!

Kelsea Sophia B - Google Review

First of all let me tell you about Kim. She's amazing! She has this fairy hands that will make your brows prerfect! Very keen and detail oriented. Before the procedure she'llsend you an email regarding the pre and post procedures. But then, on the day of your session, she'll run through again about everything she sent you just to make sure both parties understand and agrees. Upon doing the procedure she' ll make sure you are feeling ok and ask every now and then if you are doing fine. She'll countlessly remind you if you're in pain and if you need the instant numbing gel. 

The Ombre Brows itself is tolerable, I just dont know if I have a high pain tolerance or Kim have light hands or maybe both. 

Currently, Califorina already lifted the mask mandated, however, Kim and he sister Lyndsey still follows the Covid protocol by wearing mask inside the area and always sanitizing everything. 

They have a new place near Downtown SD. Its a hip,cool, artistically designed. Its easy to find.

Nyka - Yelp Review

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Natural Microblading and Lamination in San Diego, California

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